Save your Change in Big Money Jars Go on Vacation

Do you ever get tired of carrying a lot of change around in your pocket? Many people find change all over the house, the car, even in the office. A friend of the writers once found over eighty dollars in change behind the cushions of his couch! Apparently it kept falling out of his pockets while sitting on the couch. Imagine if he had put all of his change into big money jars and saved the change for his vacation!
It is pretty simple, every night when you arrive home, throw all of your change into one of the big money jars you keep around the house. You can have one for saving for a vacation, perhaps one for going out to an expensive restaurant and another for those moments when your short on cash before pay day.
Try saving your change this way for a week. At the end of the week add up all of the money in the jar. Most people will be very surprised at how much is in the jar! At the end of several months there could be a substantial amount in your jar just in time to help pay for your next vacation.
The only downside of saving your change this way is that you have to count it and then roll it up before taking it into the bank to cash in. However, when you consider it was a painless way to save some money towards something that you really wanted, it is not bad at all.
Using big money jars this way to save money is a great way to help pay for special events. The change does not wear a hole in your pocket and you probably will not miss it all. All great reasons to save money by using your spare change.